Moon of The Crusted Snow Response Blog post #3

Question- “Why do you think the author wrote this story?”

My opinion- Waubgeshig Rice wrote Moon of the Crusted Snow because he lived in reserve as well. An Anishinaabe community can go through a lot what people can write about, his novel has a perfect example on what people in a dark community would react or do. I think the author wrote this story because he was wanting to tell others about how different things happen in a small community and you could make a story of a difference between towns and your personal experience on living in a small community.  Waubgeshig Rice said,”In my work as a writer I manage a ton of setting, particularly when you’re giving an account of Indigenous issues and networks. There are a great deal of things you need to disclose to individuals concerning why things are how they are today”.

One thought on “Moon of The Crusted Snow Response Blog post #3

  1. I like what you said about how he lived on a reserve as-well which is why he wrote it, we are making connections to that and can have a deeper understanding. What you said about how he is spreading awareness, I find that a noble reason for a book; it has a story for entertainment with a plot to show you real scenarios. I like this point we share because it’s what makes the book all too real. I would add that his book isn’t only for awareness, but for other Anishinaabe too; making the kids think that there are other Anishinaabe outside there reserve too, or the kids who aren’t in a reserve think that they have someone they have a connection to. It makes me think of how many other Anishinaabe people have read this book. I hope that other reserves are showing this book around.

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